I am honest, enthusiastic and reliable person. A friendly team member who seeks to keep a healthy working environment. Also, I am self-critical which always leads to ambitious target. Open-minded for a new ideas and ways to improve productivity and able to work under tight deadlines.

I believe, that friendly and respectful environment, understanding and communication is a way to achieve a successful result.



Norwich University of Art (

After successful time doing exhibitions and enjoying painting I decided to get back to university and do my Masters in Fine Art. It supposed to be a full time one year studies, unfortunately, due to Covid-19 my studies extended to the start of 2021. I looked deeper into my created theme #pancakefaces and was challenged to create figure, explored it not just in painting but other mediums too. Most rewarding experience was working with bronze - a true art school experience. Again, due to virus I wasn't able to use all the facilities that on different circumstances university has to offer. For example, in second term I was determined to learn screen printing and etching. As it was firmly in my plans, I purchased lino cutting kit and did some printing work at home instead. In that way I wasn't feeling like I ruined my plan completely. Overall, great academic experience and gain of degree. Thanks to this experience I have a deeper understanding about my art, my heritage and connections between Lithuanian and British folklore.

Studies completed with Masters degree in Fine Art (Pass).

Creativity Camp with A.Krisciunas in Fuerteventura (

A.Krisciunas is well known Lithuanian artist, mostly known for his significant photography. Time to time he organises such creativity camps for photography enthusiasts. It's a 7 day tight scheduled courses. While sightseeing you get tasks and and we did photo shoots on the go. Also, we had to present homework every morning. It was overwhelming and very beneficial in every aspect.

Shaw Academy (

It was the latest institution where I took a couple of online courses. And by being a good attendee I had an opportunity to get A Lifetime Membership, meaning that I can join any course in the future if needed. That gives flexibility and an open window to get new skills and interests.

I took courses of Photography, Level 1 and Level 2. Also, Graphic Design Level 1 and Level 2. All certificated after passing final tests.

Central Saint Martins College at UAL (

I attended short courses during 2012 and 2013.

Interior Styling course with talented Joanna Robinson. Nothing beats the opportunity to visit best London's hotels like Haymarket Hotel and The Soho Hotel where we discussed and been in person in luxurious artistic interiors. Furthermore, attended Restaurant Zédel where our attention was brought to exclusive interior details.

100 Design Projects course with inspiring Rod Judkins. The course proved me that I am able to think fast and more important meet final expectations, also, able to suggest an alternative way of thinking. In a day we had numerous mind-bending exercises that took from 5 to 10 minutes.

Both courses certificated of attendance.

Kauno Kolegija ( The Faculty

A three year Interior Design studies. A wide range tuition with a lot of practical work. I believe during this time I gained most experience, artistry and skills. Both life and education. Beside studying had to do work practice. Both times teamed up with architects and helped them on their daily tasks.


Studies completed after final exam with BA degree in Interior Design 




After a couple of months of closing down Queen Eagle I reinvented my website using my Instagram name. I decided to build a clear portfolio and CV in one space. 

2017 was a year of change. Changed my employment at REISS to part time.

Also, worked on 6 months contract at Design 121 as Graphic Designer and Photographer. However, after a term I decided to concentrate on painting and photography.

Through maintaining my own website and being an artist I believe I'm learning most important lessons. I'm my own judge in design and how do I want to represent myself, I also, myself have to keep an eye on all the details and make sure it's flawless. While keeping a website and doing some exhibitions I found myself in endless world of merchandise. Made pin badges for some occasions with my work and have a second book in print about MA at NUA. It helps me thrive as an artist and find better ways to express myself.


This convenience store is my current part time job (from December 2020). As well as before I keep on learning new things about retail and customer service. I receive occasional training about different aspects of the position. I really appreciated their flexibility during my full time studies at NUA and in general this employment was a big help during that time. I believe the experience I am gaining will be useful in life and future career.

The Craft Outlet

A part time job in Springfields shopping centre in Spalding. It was first job after relocating. I enjoyed working closely with artists, getting their valued opinion on techniques and materials. The shop contained small café area, crafting area, museum area and of course shopping area. When I joined the team they had a separate fabric shop. It gave me a boost of confidence as I was able to learn so much so quickly. Even though I was there for about 5 months I learnt and gained so much experience. Including exceptional customer service, variety of fabrics, measuring and cutting it, leather and handling it, handling museum pieces, finding quick solutions for customer inquiries for their ideas and projects. Also, preparing and serving beverages and food as well as, selling loose weighted tea and coffee. Unfortunately, had to leave due to winter not being as successful for the business as it was hoped.


Started working in this company in 2010 after graduating in Interior Design. Would like to mention that I moved from Kaunas to London. Also, despite other short term jobs this is the only and very long term job I had. 

In a more detailed description I am a warehouse operative for twilight shift focusing most on e-commerce department. This position demands extra physical strength as some of the tasks could be quite challenging. Our distribution center is the main in the world and we serve the rest of the world. That provides experience in export, import and local sales. Also, this is a chance to see how retail really works and what are advantages and disadvantages.

Throughout the years had a couple of opportunities to visit REISS fashion shows of new collections. The second show was an eye opening where I had a right set of circumstances to my photography skills. Later I initiated a photography exhibition in rest area at work for people who couldn't attend this event. It was a pleasure as people appreciated that I put extra time in this matter.

In  2014 company had an event called I AM REISS where personnel was introduced to particular elements of how REISS works. At that time company suggested a slogan Focus. Passion. Drive and since then I try to apply it on the whole life perspective.

Queen Eagle

In 2014 launched my personal website/portfolio followed by social media accounts willing to work on some freelance projects and be able to show my work to a bigger audience. During that time visited many events like Pure London, Decorex, The Great British Tattoo Show, The MCM Show and similar where I took pictures. Also, worked with individual assignments on graphic design tasks.

Due to certain circumstances I decided to close accounts in early start of 2017.

Despite the fact people still asking to help them out with tasks even though it's not under any name but ieva kaminskaite.



Solo Exhibition

2018 April 19th I opened my first and personal painting exhibition in  Lithuania, in my hometown Panevezys. On the opening day I was joking that first exhibition is very similar to a wedding. You want to see your family and friends in it. No doubt it was the best choice I could make. Exhibition contained 15 paintings that I made in 2017 and early 2018. Thank you to every one who was part of this. Location

Photos of the event here.

The Brick Lane Gallery London

2018 September 12th was taking part at Contemporary Painting Exhibition. Specially for exhibition in London created a series called Y.O.C - Yellow Oxygen Cylinder in which painted green areas of my surroundings where I usually take dog for a walk. It's pictured with all sorts of animals which sometimes look abandoned in this concrete jungles. To bring attention to them I used a yellow balloon on a red string. In one of the paintings I involved a human being too. A very typical East Londoner that is easy to spot in the parks. No offence East Londoners :) Location

Photos of the event here.

ITSLIQUID Venice The Room

2018 December 5th - 2019 January 11th was taking part of the international art show ITSLIQUID Venice. This time representing my photography with 3 pictures. Coordinators simply asked me to choose my favourites from their most liked two sections from my gallery Nature and Urban. It's a first time for me to exhibit photography. Venue - The Room.

Contemporary Art Station Shibuya, Tokyo

2019 March 5th - 2019 March 11th Taking part of the international contemporary art exhibition at Contemporary Art Station Shibuya, Tokyo. I submitted my work digitally as it was printed as poster. Shared a painting called 'Augustus'. I particularly chose it as it has a very colourful personality and just pops out. Also, one of my personally favourites. It was an amazing achievement to start a year of 2019.

Interim Exhibition 'The New Collection'

2019 November 15th A one day student collaboration between art students and curation students. Working in small groups with assigned location in the art school building. For this particular exhibition I painted diptych 'Freddie: Admiring Birds'.  It was beneficial to learn levels of communication and compare work methods between groups. Also, a useful time to talk in front of peers, lecturers and guest curator about my work, art practise and theme.

Online Exhibition 'Masters Project Mini Exhibition'

From 2020 December Due to Covid-19 it was so much harder to find spaces to show my art. In my opinion showing art online isn't ideal, as it is harder to feel artists process, artwork scale and it reduces overall experience. However, showing art this way is a solution and instead of opening a door we are able to open a window. Usually having an ability to choose any space for art we aim for something big and dreamy. In this case I decided to show my work in a space that I would've been able to afford in real life. So it is small but it perfectly connects paintings in some vision cycle. Due to not being able to make a 3D sculpture for this website I placed an object where I would place my sculpture 'Transegging'. The placement allows to see artwork from any angle. Visit exhibition here.




  • MS Office

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Corel Draw (X3, X4, X5)

  • Serif Draw Plus (X8)

  • ArtRage 2

  • Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet

  • 3Ds Max

  • AutoCad

  • App Snapseed 


  • Sketching

  • Drawing

  • Painting (oil, acrylic etc.)

  • Photography

  • Retouching

  • Staging

  • Pottery

  • Graphic Design (logos, business cards, leaflets, posters etc.)

  • Interior Design

  • Web design (via

  • Welding

  • Plaster

  • Plastic moulds

  • Bronze

  • Handling DIY tools


  • Driving Licence

  • Social Media Insight

  • Sense for UX 

  • Problem solving

  • Bespoke packing

  • Communication

  • Sense of humour



Feel free to contact for any inquiries.

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