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Forest Exhibition.
Due to pandemic no physical exhibitions could've happened. I was hoping to have this small space in King's Lynn, however it was permanently closed. And I always kept this idea of taking my artworks outside. Last term I took a painting on a mirror and plaster of paris head to the field and it worked out very well. 
Closer to Winter it was harder to adjust to weather and the only time I was able to do it was a gloomy weekend day. But in a way it worked out even better than a sunny day, it gave a mysterious background, there's always some magic in the mist. Especially in the forest, when all the sounds are closer to the ground and all senses get to work.
I had all sorts of different ideas of how I will put my work up. But I decided not to overthink it and let landscape dictate the rules. I walked around a little, found something that felt right and got to work. The good thing that I didn't need or felt like it would be better if I harm trees, interrupt the natural ways. I was lucky as trees offered perfect imperfections or little twigs to hold my paintings for a bit. It might not be a top class gallery, Perfect white walls and private viewing with glass of wine, but art is not just about that and I'm happy with the result. And even though it's a forest I had an audience - a weekend forest strollers - families with children on their shoulders and dogs sniffing around.

I made videos with my phone and used Instagram for trimming and filters as I don't own any software for videos and always found it quite difficult. When taking video from phone and putting on website I always find it looking less in quality.

The middle video is made slow motion as well and kept sound on it too. It has an effect on sounds, twigs breaking and it adds so mystery to the setting.

I found the whole experience with making this sculpture as walking into unknown but enjoying the creative process. I enjoy its grotesque look and am very happy that something that was a shop bought mask became a unit of an curious sculpture.

On the day going to the forest, I found my masks in the post. I decided to take them along and take a few pictures with it. I called it merchandise even though it wasn't intentional. 

Mask print is a very good quality and I believe there will be plenty who would like to wear one. 

I also ordered some pin badges and postcards as from my practise I know it is useful to have some promotional giveaways.

A poem about pancake faces.
A creative turn of poetically describing my created theme. The relation between pancake faces - human and bird and or whole world. A ribbon that wraps up whole MA creative work as a gift.


Their kind was pancake faces

Because of roundness all around.

Their heads , their cheeks and bottoms were round too.

As calming circle is, as ruthless the pancake faces were.

They sought their freedom from birds that fly so high.

No matter that they couldn't settle in the night as they were dreaming of taking off sometime,

And leaving earthly sorrows for someone else.

With their desire for what's not their to have,

They put themselves in painful misery and looked incongruous.

This constant struggle to reach so high turned them wicked and obsessed, not thinking of what's next.

They grabbed what's just in front of them.

Their minds, their bodies were ruled by something nameless, yet so powerful and dark.

And even being round with comfort, they lacked serenity in thoughts.

Their actions build a vicious circle and question is if they get out of it or not.

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