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Artist's Healing Heart


Last week I painted. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, doesn't sound like anything really. Everybody paints. Children, adults - professionals and for fun - with a wine glass while having a giggle with friends. Also, painting in therapy to feel better. I couldn't paint after I was done with my MA uni work. Haven't touched my brushes since January 2021. I struggled with my identity, My creative inspiration. I couldn't shake off learning outcomes sounding in the back of my head - Who's your audience, What are trying to achieve, What important causes your work might solve. That's like a gun to your head before you get inspired - apparently just to feel something and create is no goody good in uni because it doesn't have a flashy headline. So automatically it's nothing. Hey how about I do what I love? People will look at it and they will figure things out for themselves. People are capable to take what they need from art, like absorbing right vitamins from food. And that they will carry in their hearts and mind and will use as perhaps inspiration, a thought or simply a good memory. So I painted last week and it felt like riding a bicycle - I had fun, I didn't think too much of what am I trying to achieve or am I planning to show it to the world.

Keep it simple, fun and humble.

I haven't included a picture:)


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