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Flower Shower at The Brick Lane Gallery

So it happen!

My participation at contemporary painting exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery. LONDON!

2018 September 12th was taking part at Contemporary Painting Exhibition. Specially for exhibition in London created a series called Y.O.C - Yellow Oxygen Cylinder in which painted green areas of my surroundings where I usually take dog for a walk. It's pictured with all sorts of animals which sometimes look abandoned in this concrete jungles. To bring attention to them I used a yellow balloon on a red string. In one of the paintings I involved a human being too. A very typical East Londoner that is easy to spot in the parks. No offence East Londoners :)

That's pretty cool, knowing that I'm just starting but all these ideas just making me feel more sure about the chosen path.

So yeah...More about event. Private view was amazing and it was simply amazing just because of how many people showed up to support me and express their genuine feelings of what I do and how much they wish me to be successful. I'll tell you this, your kind eyes keeps me going forward and I'm truly grateful for all the good words towards my work.

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