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Big Wind Land. Fuerteventura

In the start of March I went with 8 people I have never met in my life to a creativity camp in Fuerteventura, in Canary Islands. Adventure all the way!

First of all, the scary part to me was that teacher to be is let's just say is a Lithuanian well known person, a great photographer and artist and they put him on the covers of magazines. I read his posts before on social media and he seemed like a grounded and simple man. However, in the back of my mind a voice was screaming that this might be just a game a lot of people play hiding behind their gadgets. To my surprise he was even more simple, just one of us.

Each day brought something new. New realisations about life, what I want and maybe something that I seek is the wrong path for me. All of us encouraged each other to be better versions of ourselves. We had tasks, we had to climb mountains, we had to cross desserts and lagoons and the same time to bring enough material back to make sure you have at least some pictures in the morning at homework viewing.

I could tell stories from each day and it would take hours and hours to write. All I know is I found good people, good friends, I learned a bunch of new stuff, I've been to incredible places and all that taught me something that you can't get at any school or university. Simply it was just an active philosophical creative photography camp.

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