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Mallorca, miss you

Boat trip

So it's been a week or so since I got back from Mallorca. Gave it only 4 nights and I can't believe how human body and soul in seconds adjust to such great views, new tastes and colors. It's probably understandable since I'm running away from the great British summer.

Anyway, I'm not the type that lays on the beach all day or especially pool. Adventure awaits on every trip.

What can you do in such short time? I'd say almost everything! Take a boat trip along island's most beautiful shores, cosy harbours and beaches. Sun will kiss your shoulders and wind will play with your hair and you will take the most amazing pictures.

Rent Bike in Sp landscape

If you want to experience the rising altitude go and rent a bike there's plenty of great mountain bike trails. One - it's active, two - you will still get a great amount of sunshine and three - you'll push your limits. Don't forget to keep hydrated. Talking about technical side be smart about it and make sure rent shop provides a bike with tires that suits the area. Pump would be essential in a long trip. Now I know what to do, learnt it in the hard way , Had to walk back 15km. Also, this island is a paradise if you're a road bike lover. Just need to make a right choice.

I was staying in Calla Ferrera. That's almost two hours away from islands capital Palma. Two hours on a bus sounded like a bad idea while in that time I could do something else more exciting. And still I thought I will regret for not going. What could be worse that knowing you were too lazy to do something cool. Put excuses aside and left. For my surprise bus was full of people who just like me went for a day trip to the capital. One of the best decisions! Such an interesting and vibrant city! From impressive architecture to the most delicious ice cream. Don't be alarmed with last picture. Everyone is really nice for tourists and they appreciate you're staying in Mallorca. In my opinion it's just dark humor and believe it or not many people took a picture by this writing on the wall.

Wall art in Palma

Solo traveller, ieva


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